St. Leon Interpretive Centre

St. Leon Interpretive Centre
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Birds and other creatures
The center was built in 2004. If features four interactive galleries: Wind Power, Salamanders, Birds and Living Green, in both French and English. It is located beside Round Lake, which is part of the Trans Canada Trail. The spring migration of Salamanders will have you viewing carpets of Salamanders as they cross the road moving from pond to pond.
St. Leon Interpretive Centre

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Saint Leon Interpretive Centre

Saint Leon Interpretive Centre has 4 Interactive Galleries for you to explore and learn about nature.
St. Leon Interpretive Salamanders
Gallery One – Salamanders
* One terrarium with live salamanders and interpretive panels explaining the various stages of growth of the salamanders.
* One aquarium featuring a wet/dry ecosystem showing live salamanders and how they co-exist with other life in their natural habitat.
* Education kit for Grades 4-6.
* 30 minute video available on the life of the salamanders.
* Children’s activities such as coloring pictures, play dough, puzzles, critter dipping, etc.
Gallery Two – Birds
* Full wall mural painted by Hubert Theroux which is a virtual treasure hunt of birds, amphibians and insects.
* Nature Call Kiosk featuring birds, mammals, insects and amphibians – with information on many local speices.
* Viewing deck. Binoculars and a telescope.
* Observation tower with information for birds to watch for at specific times of the year.
Gallery Three – Wind Power
* Power Point Presentation featuring the construction of the first Wind Farm in Manitoba.
* Visits to K1, the first Wind Turbine in operation in Manitoba, by appointment.
* An actual blade is on display on site and is open to see the inside with a mock up of a nacelle showing the size of these impressive structures.
* Model windmill showing how wind powers the windmill.
* Touch screen computer with video clips on wind energy.
* Education kit for Grades 4-6.
* Green Ed trainer featuring wind and solar producing equipment with real time date.
* A full student curriculum is available and being piloted in several local school divisions.
Gallery Four – Living Green
* Globe display with computer and software depicting ways we can all use to reduce our ecological footprint.
* Activities: tree rubbing, “I pledge” journal.
* There is a 27 acre hybrid poplar tree plantation adjacent to the interpretive centre.
* Trees reduce soil erosion, store nutrient runoff near riparian areas, and store carbon thereby reducing greenhouse gases in the air.
* 2.6 K of the Trans Canada Trail surrounds the lake.